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System Requirements Check

DataSite's System Requirements Check runs automatically after you log in to DataSite.

If you prefer to run a check on your system prior to logging in, click on the System Requirements Check link on the Login page.

If you have questions or require assistance with system upgrades, please contact Merrill Technical Support.

Minimum System Requirements

If your system does not meet minimum requirements, an alert on the bottom of your DataSite Dashboard will notify you that minimum requirements have not been met. Click on the Details link to open the System Requirements Check window.

The System Requirements Check window displays the status of required components and provides links to Help content to show you how to upgrade your system components. Components that meet requirements display a Green Check icon. Components that are compatible but not fully supported will display a Yellow Warning icon. Compatible components are those that should work but are not officially tested for compatibility. Components that do not meet requirements display a Red Warning icon.

If your system requires upgrades, you may find it useful to print the results of your system requirements check to present to your technical support staff. Click the Print Report button to open a printable version.

System Upgrades

See the pages below for information about upgrading system components: